A bela Quinta da Relva do Trigo está à venda. Se estiver interessado, contacte fafigueiredo@remax.pt.


    Het prachtige Relva do Trigo landgoed is te koop. Bij interesse, neem a.u.b. contact op via fafigueiredo@remax.pt.


    The beautiful Relva do Trigo property is for sale. Please contact fafigueiredo@remax.pt if you are interested.


The Quinta was an old grain farm, the name trigo refers to wheat. Parts of the building are very old and made of granite which is very typical for this region. The old mill is still existing but rebuild into a small house. The old part of the Quinta is now an apartment and a familyroom. The space for (live) stock was rebuild into nice rooms and a small kitchen. About ten years ago the old Quinta was extended with another room and 2 apartments.

Ponte das Três Entradas ~bridge with the three entrances~ is not really a village but actually three different neighbourhoods. One part belongs to São Sebastião da Feira, another part belongs to Santa Ovaia and the part where the Quinta is situated belongs to Aldeia das Dez.

Aldeia das Dez ~village of ten~ lies against the northern part of the mountain O Culcorinho at 500 meters above sea level. The village is part of the parish of Saint Bartholomeu and its history goes way back to the pre-Roman era. Marks from this famous period can still be found in the ruins of Castro Luso-Romano.

In 1899 the municipality built the Ponte das Três Entradas and opened up Aldeia das Dez which was almost totally isolated until then. Today you can make a beautiful trip through the area; fromRelva do Trigo to Aldeia das Dez and further on to Santuário de Nossa Senhora das Preçes andPiódão.